Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Your Way to Internet Success-Freelance Web Programmer

One of the most important things that decide a company success is a powerful, functional and attractive website that people online can go through. In today’s world, the internet is the biggest advertising domain, and if a company does not take into account the power of the internet in making or breaking a business, then it can be quite problematic. It is necessary in today’s world to have an attractive and user friendly website that can attract customers online.

Why is a powerful website so important?

When people type in keywords into a search engine, it sends out “spiders” that traverse the vast domains of the internet can come up with relevant information. This is how people today learn about new things-through the internet. For people to know and recognize a company or business, they must come across it online. And it is possible to be shown in the relevant information only if the website is functional, uncluttered, attractive, informative, and most importantly, SEO friendly.

But most people cannot design websites with such functionality. This can only be done by people who have learned the art of creating beautiful websites. This is where a freelance web programmer comes in.

What does a freelance web programmer do?

She/he designs the layout and creates a website for a company that is exactly suited to its needs and requirements, and at the same time makes the website such that it is SEO friendly. Freelance web developers work on custom designing websites, iOS and Android applications, etc. They work efficiently to create powerful websites as per the client’s requirements and specifications, within the given timeline. If it is a WordPress website, then the best option is to hire WordPress freelance developer as he/she will have an in-depth knowledge of how WordPress functions.

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Best Freelance WordPress Developer at your One Click Distance

WordPress is an open source project and code used to enhance the typography of everyday writing. It is also considered as the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world as it is used on millions of sites and viewed by more than a million viewers every day. Being an open source project, it is free of cost and doesn’t require users to pay for any license fee. Started as a blogging system, it has now evolved as a full content management system that can be installed on a web server for everyday use.

WordPress is multi-user and multi blogging services where anyone can start his/her own WordPress- based blog, free of cost in seconds. But to fluently work with WordPress, it is important to have complete knowledge of working with PHP (Personal Home Page) & MySQL (My Structured Query Language). One need not require a license for starting a blog using WordPress.com service. Anyone with a passion for writing or trying out new things can start a blog and encourage followers to follow the blog.

Web Codeman is the dream service started by Jain Deen who is a full time professional remote PHP developer along with being a freelance web programmer. With 7 years experience of working with WordPress and other web technologies, Jain has expertise in development of custom web, WordPress, Android/IOS app along with e-commerce and PSD to responsive websites.

At Web Codeman clients can easily hire the best freelance WordPress developers in the field of web apps development. Being a highly experienced freelance web programmers Jain has gained the expertise in working with latest versions of WordPress and in building a dynamic website with custom tools seamlessly.

As a freelance web programmer, Jain has the ability to easily tackle projects whether for an individual client or organization and has proved himself as the best freelance WordPress developer that has expertise and complete knowledge about all web functionalities like WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Codelgniter, Laravel, HTML 5 and so on.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Hire Freelancers for Having Quick Web Development Service

When we are onto hiring someone, we all wish to have quick resolution to all our problems and have an effective outcome. Regardless of the bandwidth of the requirement we all want to have quick services and solutions. We do not want to wait for anything, no matter how big or small that thing is. If you are someone like this and you wish to have web development services for your website, hiring a freelancer is the best solution for you.

Freelance web programmers and developers often take work on project basis according to their capability. This factor makes them rather different from the companies and major web development service providers who keep on taking up new work without worrying about the bandwidth of the organization. Due to this factor, you often have to wait for weeks for getting even minor changes done in the programming of your website.

By hiring WordPress freelance developers, you can make sure that your project is getting utmost attention. The freelance professional takes up one or two projects at one time, thus ensuring complete focus on anything they are doing. It not only ensures fine performance but also makes sure that your work is finished on time the way you want. If you are looking for someone who can make quick changes in your website or develop a code for your website or any widget in shortest time period, freelance professionals are best for that.

Apart from all this, you can also rely on them for innovative ideas about website development and budget cost. No need to worry about the additional service charges, multiple taxes and unwanted miscellaneous costs involved in obtaining web services. Freelance professionals can do it all for you the way you want.